Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Land freight is the type of transport that allows the movement of the shipments from one point to another in a secure, fast, steady, economic, and efficient way. Land freight has advantages such as providing direct transport from starting to the delivery point and offering lower costs for shorter distances compared to the other transport modes.

Land freight that allows the direct transfer of the goods to the intended delivery point is preferred commonly currently. The reasons are; land freight is secure, it offers fast delivery of the goods and enables the transport of multiple cargoes at once.

From the transport of household goods to a factory relocating, a great variety of shipments can to transported by land freight. Land freight is one of the most commonly used transport modes in the logistics sector because of it's cost advantage and convenience.

Despite its disadvantages such as energy usage and environmental pollution, it has advantages over other transportation modes because of its flexibility, easy loading, and unloading processes, door to door delivery, and short-time delivery. 

On land freight, many different transportation services are provided for parcel/pallet general cargo shipments, project/out of gauge shipments, full export and import shipments, regular groupage export and import shipments, hanged textile shipments.      

In addition to standard land freight services, Element Logistics also provides secure transfer of passenger car shipments, temperature-controlled shipments, and dangerous goods shipments.