Our Values

Respect for Human

We act in accordance with the principles of mutual respect and kindness in our internal and external relations. In our relations with employees, customers, and business partners, we exhibit an attitude in the foundation of our ethical values of respect for human dignity.

Transparency and Honesty

We carry out our relations with our employees, customers, and business partners in accordance with the principles of transparency, mutual trust, and honesty.

Our employees pay the utmost effort and attention to keep up their promises to customers.

Equality of opportunity and Fair treatment

According to our company policy, equal opportunities are provided on recruitment processes and business relations regardless of the individual’s race, belief, political view, ethnicity, personal opinion, gender, life choices, marital status, age, disability, and pregnancy.

A working environment is preserved with attention in which an individual’s talent and experiences are valued. Individuals can express their ideas and opinions freely.

Job safety and Lawfulness

Our company provides a healthy and secure working environment for its employees on all processes bases upon Occupational Health and Safety Systems.

Our company makes all the wages and payments required by Labor Law. In addition, added values are provided to our employees according to their efforts and performances.

Element Logistics has OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Managemet Systems standarts suitability certificate and it is renewed regularly.


Our employees acknowledge the necessity of keeping the information confidential that was gathered while performing their tasks. All precautions are taken to keep and annihilate confidential information securely.

Company's printed and recorded documents, e-mails, passwords and codes, contracts, sale and procurement offers can not be disclosed or shared with third parties.

Processing of the data shall be performed only towards the purposes of work and assignment in accordance with the law and legislation. Data can be shared only with a concerned authorized person. The confidentiality of the information is preserved after the employee leaves employment.

Training about the confidentiality of information and rules is given to employees on regular bases and our technological infrastructure is kept up-to-date.

Avoiding Conflict of Interest

Illegal acts and private relations which contradict with our ethical values are not allowed in our company.

Receiving and proposing offers that put the company under obligation such as goods, gifts, and debts are prohibited. Our employees avoid acts and behaviors that damage our company’s reputation.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Element Logistics is environmentally and socially conscious and aware of the company's responsibilities. In all work processes, we act according to environmental laws and regulations.

We pay attention to actively attend all type of services that benefits non-governmental organizations and public welfare.

Constant Progress

Innovations and technological developments in the industry are followed and training is given to employees regularly.

With the principles of constant learning and development, our employee’s knowledge is kept up to date, and the margin of error is minimized.

Customer Satisfaction

Our philosophy is to analyze our customer’s needs most accurately and offer boutique solutions that meet their expectations completely. Thus, we always ensure our customer's satisfaction.