Valuable Cargo Transportation

Element Logistics organizes valuable cargo shipments in compliance with their special transportation conditions and international transportation standards.


Valuable cargo comprises any material that has a value of 1.000 Usd (450 British Pounds at Uk) or more per kg or including one or more of the following articles.

  • Gold or articles including gold, valuable stones, and pearl.
  • Bonds, bono, Stocks, banknote, checkbook, bank and credit cards.
  • Jewelry and watches including gold, silver, and valuable stones.
  • Valuable art works

In addition, the below articles are named as ‘’VALUABLE’’ cargoes and treated as valuable cargoes that require protection.

  • Cargoes that require security precautions during handling procedures although their value is declared.
  • Empty airway documents that have been sent to airway station offices and general sales agents such as; bill of ladings, tickets.


While booking valuable cargo shipments, all information about the contents should be informed transparently and all transportation approvals must be obtained.

Valuable cargoes should be delivered in fabric or alike pouches, aluminum metal, or hard plastic cases that do not expose ingredients.

Delivered packages should be locked and sealed. They should be impact and tear-resistant that prevent the parts from falling.