Temperature Controlled Transportation

Element Logistics organizes the shipments that require temperature control according to their special transportation conditions and international transportation standards.
Each procedure from shipping to warehousing and from warehousing up to the destination point is monitored by our experienced team, and service quality is maintained.

From medical goods to fruits and vegetables, from fish to meat products, every kind of perishable good's freshness is preserved carefully. Sensitive frozen foodstuffs are kept without breaking their cold chain in warehouses with freezer.


Perishables cargoes are those likely to spoil and decay due to heat, temperature, moisture, climate, height, other environmental condition changes, or exceeding the given timeout period.


  • Food Stuff (Frozen Fish, Meat ,etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical Products, vaccines, and medical equipment
  • Plants and flowers


Perishable label,

If storage in a certain way is needed, “This Way Up” label.

For the cargoes requiring special temperatures, degree details need to be included on the box and these details must match exactly the same as AWB.

  • Keep Cool – Refrigerated = Kept at 2 °C - 8 °C.
  • Keep Cold – Frozen = Kept at -15°C - -20 °C.

The packages missing these labels will be kept in ambient conditions (environment requirement – room temperature) according to the IATA standards.