Funeral Transportation

Element Logistics provides funeral transport services in accordance with IATA rules and regulations.


Funerals, to be shipped in a coffin, are accepted for the international flights as placed inside a lead coffin or metal zinc, in a durable wooden coffin and covered with a sackcloth/tarpaulin cover. Funerals should be packaged in.

Funerals, to be shipped in the form of ash, are accepted for international flights as placed inside a wooden box or crate with an impact-absorbing cover.

Funerals shipping is not allowed in consolidated shipments.


IATA rules are applicable for procedures, documentation, packaging, and labeling.

  • Reservation must be confirmed by the carrier from the departure to the arrival of the funeral.
  • Funerals to be shipped from abroad to Turkey must have a consulate document and death report.

The death report must be translated to Turkish and sent with a written consulate approval. If the death report is stated as unnatural death such as; contagious disease, murder, accident, or suicide, additional explanation (autopsy report if needed) must be provided.

These documents are dispatched with the funeral.